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Making Panoramas/CubeMaps

1. Download the file included on this page

2. Install autohotkey from here

3. Enable DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) in the Nvidia
Control panel (set to 4x native). AMD users I’m not sure
if you can :(.

4. Install Enb and Reshade to Fallout 4 (Allows for better
Screen shot quality)

5. To use my script; Numlock needs to be active, (hot keys
Can be changed) use 8 to move up 2 down, 4 left, 6 right.

6. You may need to modify the X and Y values. You want 16
Images or 16 button presses to make your camera in game
Rotate 360 Degrees

7. Make sure FO4 isn’t running in windowed mode to allow for
your DSR resolution (yes the game will be laggy).

8. Find a great location to capture your image and then open
Up the console using the ` key. Then type (tfc 1) without the
() now cap your 1st image then either rotate right or left and
Continue this process until you have 16 screen shots, Alt F4
the game and open up Photoshop.

9. Once in PS go File<Automate<Photomerge then choose
browse to select the images you have just taken,
then hit OK.

10.Once PS generates the image you need to make a stamp
Visable layer. Shift+alt+Control+E. Now go
Filter<Lens Correction. Go to the Custom Tab and on the 1st
Slider a positive value of about 17-19 is good. Then hit OK

11.Now you have to fix all the transparent areas on the photo
I find the best method is to use the Clone Stamp tool.

12.Now that all the transparent areas are fixed in the image,
you can apply your own styling to the image as you see fit.
Created by: TrophiHunter


AHK Script was made by me (TrophiHunter).
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